Monday, 27 January 2014

How to make a Grunge Flower using Paper Artsy Dies & Metal Card

Hello Everyone from Joan

I love nature and in particular flowers, so when I saw these dies and the matching stamp I just had to have them.  The grunge flowers are easy to make and can be made out of design paper, card or metal shim.  The metal backing card makes the flower more flexible and helps to hold it's shape.

 Requirements - all found on the  Crafters Cupboard website.

1.   Mark an arrow (if not already done) at 1 o’clock on reverse of the ezymount on the back of the Hot Picks Flower Stamps so you can line up the die and the stamp later.  

2.   Glue the piece of metal on card to the paper or card that you are going to use.   Use a substantial amount of glue as you don’t want the layers to split, however you don’t want glue squeezed out onto your Big Shot when you run the dies through it.

3.   Place dies onto top (face down) of paper.  Secure with tape if necessary.  You need to cut one of each size (Dies 1,2,& 3)

4.   Run through Big Shot twice

5.   The die has a tiny notch that you need to align with the stamp.  Put a pencil mark at the notch BEFORE you remove the die.  It is really hard to line this up after, believe me.

6.   Line up the stamp with the arrow to the pencil line and stamp.  You don’t need to stamp at all and I have stamped the top and bottom only.

7.   Cut the smallest top petals about 0.5cm towards the centre.  The middle and largest bottom petals cut 1.5cm towards the centre.

8.   Manipulate the petals by folding them up towards the centre and squeezing them together.  They don’t roll like roses!

9. Layer the flowers, using foam dots or silicon.

10.  Add an embellishment to the centre.  These are some that I have made. 

     The blue and orange one is made using Paper Artsy paint.  These are fabulous embellishments for many projects and you can make them out of so many different mediums from Design Paper to Card to Canvas. Well worth a try and with a bit of practice you will be making fabulous flowers to decorate your many different projects, or even to embellish a beautifully wrapped gift for somebody. Give it a try !!

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