Sunday, 28 January 2018

It's a new year and with it comes a revived blog for Crafters Cupboard.

It's been an exciting time in the last 7-10 days as we all absorb the new range of exciting products coming out from the annual Creativation Trade Show in Phoenix last weekend and now the Frankfurt Trade Show this weekend.

High on our priorities here at Crafters Cupboard in Australia are the Paper Artsy releases and they have been awesome. 

These have been featured on our Facebook page over the past week, where we have posted all the links on a daily basis as the new ranges for the various designers were released. 

The releases have included fabulous ranges from:

Seth Apter: 2 new paint sets as well as Stamp plates ESA07 & ESA08

Kay Carley: 
Stamp plates EKC12 - 17; Stamp Minis EM25 - EM32 and Stencils PS075 - PS079
(A few sample pics below, taken from the Paper Artsy web site)

Tracy Scott:
 - 1 x paint set FFTS
- Stamp plates ETS14 - 19
- Stencils 087 - 089
(A few sample pics below with some samples of Tracy's stamps & her new paints and some samples from the Paper Artsy blog using the stamps).

JOFY from Jo Firth Young:
- JOFY Stamp plates 59-64
- JOFY Minis Stamps 57 - 64
-  Large Stencils PS081-083
-  Regular Stencils PS084 - 086 
Below some of the stamps and some samples taken from the Paper Artsy blog.

The new stencils work well with the stamps 

The Paper Artsy blog has some fabulous examples from various artists using the various releases - if you have time for a coffee and stroll on their blog to check them all out, go to

Paper Artsy Blog - look for 'older posts' at the bottom of the blog for the above releases

We have an initial order on the way, and if you spot anything you love, please go to our website at 

Crafters Cupboard Website

Chose the Pre Order tab at the top of the page. Those who pre order will be the first to get the new stamps, stencils and paints when they arrive before the rest goes into general stock on the web. We will be ordering more to meet the demand but if you 'can't wait' then pre ordering is the way to go.

So .. onto the links for the new releases from Creativation - enjoy ! 

Zinski Release - this is the latest blog release and great reading !

Til next time

Enjoy that coffee and your catchup on all things new at Paper Artsy