Monday, 3 February 2014

Fun with Glitter Paste

Happy New Year to all! Teresa here with some ideas on what to do with a fantastic product called GlitzCraft Glitter Paste.

The first thing you need to know about it is that is by far and away the CLEANEST way to have glitter end up on your project! It's a paste (as you can tell from the name), which means it doesn't end up all over your workspace, in your hair, clothes and all over your face. It's also fast drying - fantastic for impatient crafters like me!

Being a paste, it is wonderfully easy to apply through a stencil.  Here is the Silver Glitter Paste on black cardstock using a palette knife through the Silhouette Script stencil:

You can see it goes on lovely and thick to give an opaque finish. The edges are also sharp and neat.
The next project is a tag:

I applied Dusty Pink Glitter Paste through the Circle Explosion stencil in the background. I then used a thin paint brush to apply Coral Glitter Paste on the spaces in the letters of this Darkroom Door Journey stamp.

I then grabbed a chipboard flower and applied glitter paste leaving a rough 'heaped' look:

The last thing I did to this tag was rub some Glitter Paste onto some cotton lace. It adhered really well, and dried with some flexibility so it didn't flake off when I stitched the lace to the card on my sewing machine:

I wanted to see how this product performed on acetate - I must say I was impressed! Here's a card with an acetate front:

I applied the Glitter Paste through the Fancy Feathers stencil, and not only did it adhere well, I was impressed at the sharpness of the images:

This product is fantastic:

- easy and neat to apply
- easy to clean up (it all washes out in water before it's dry)
- gives sharp images though stencils
- can be used in a variety of ways
- dries quickly (I'm talking two minutes! Even faster with a heat gun!)
- comes in a wide variety of colours

You can see Crafters Cupboard's full range here. This product is a wonderful addition to your mixed media arsenal.

Thanks for dropping by today!

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