Friday, 7 February 2014

Password Journal

Hello Everyone from Joan 

This is very simple bookbinding that was prompted by my different passwords for so many things.  I was sick of resetting them, so I have been meaning to do make one of these for ages.

All the products used in this project can be found here:

Firstly, I decided what sort of size I needed for this password book.  I found an easy template to use that would be not too big – about A5 so I could print off the template for the middle pages in A4 and then fold in half. Thanks to for the template.

I then trimmed the pages down to fit my desired size – approx. 2cm off both ends and 1cm off both sides.

I decided that the easiest way to bind the cover and pages together would be to do a simple 5 hole pamphlet stitch.  You can check this link out

I measured up 5 holes evenly across the cover using a paper ruler and then lined it up on the pages from the inside. 

I then pushed an awl through the hole lot (5 times).  I threaded some crochet cotton double and I entered from the centre – I wanted some beads on the outside. If you want the knot not to show on the outside, start from the inside. I secured the knot at the end making sure that the stitches were firm but not tight.


I just couldn’t help myself (they were burning a hole) so I had to use the Paper Artsy Eclectica stamps (Darcy series 1).   I sprayed some Dylusions dyes (bubblegum pink, white linen, sunshine & black marble). I coloured in the leaves around the heart and the zipper tag with Wink of Stella pens. Because I had to use the zippered heart I then fancied a stencil skeleton as they go together anatomically (TCW), and then I scraped through some black glitter paste.

I layered the heart as it became lost behind the skeleton, cut along and curled the “torn” line.  I then layered and mounted this to the Password Journal. 

 I now just need to fill it in all the pages with my passwords.Hope you all enjoy this project as much as I did!

Until next time,


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