Sunday, 6 April 2014

Limited Edition JOFY in a Tag

Hi everyone,

This is Joan and I have been playing with the new Paper Artsy products for Crafters Cupboard. I really enjoyed playing with the new products and I have just completed a tag using the new JOFY stamps,  new stencils (yes, great for the stencil addict here) and  new JOFY paint set.  I  am now working on a class using all the new bits and pieces.

Step 1. I was so excited when I made this tag that I forgot to take a photo of the first step, so I had to redo it.  Needless to say it involves doing a wash with the new JOFY limited edition colour set.  This involved a lot of water with the chalk and lolly and then adding a little of the teal and amethyst

Step 2. I then stencilled with a new stencil (No. 7) in the oh so fabulous, chalk coloured paint - it is a white but a soft white and not so stark.  I just used a sponge which worked well

Background following the wash and stencilling - I loved this result

Step 4 Colour in stamped images with Paper Artsy paints
 Step 3 Stamp images from new JOFY
range No.23 & 24 (& 11 butterfly)

Step 5.  Mount tag, add embellishments and ribbon

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I forgot to add that I was inspired by JOFY's original work on her blog. Joan


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