Thursday, 4 September 2014

Scribbly Bird Triptych

Hello everyone!
Lynne here with another project for you to try. My friends know that I love birds, especially little ones like these Dina Wakley’s Scribbly Birds. This triptych was a lot fun to create. I love the way these acrylic inks can be diluted and used like watercolours and they can also be dripped on with the built in eyedropper for rich luscious coverage.
Why not try out this project or something similar?

Here is a list of what I used:
Grungeboard rectangle scored into thirds.
300gsm HP watercolour paper
Water spray
Ranger Cut-n-Dry Stamp Pad Foam
Versamark or white pigment ink stamp pad
Embossing powder- white, navy
Mini brads- one white, two navy
Heart brad- white

Here are the steps I followed:

1.       Spray watercolour paper (enough to cover two panels) until it is wet and drop on the three colours of Izinks. The colours should move and blend. If you need to, add more water and agitate with a wet brush until you get the effect you want.

2.       Tape the Artistcellar Quasi stencil to a piece of watercolour paper. Use the white side of a piece of Cut ‘n’ Dry and with one colour Izink lightly applied to the foam, dab through the stencil in a few places. Repeat with the other two Izink colours until the whole stencil design has been created.

3.       Remove the stencil carefully. This stencilled watercolour paper needs to be cut to size to fit into the centre of the triptych. Colour around the edges with one of the Izinks and water if needed to fill any gaps.

4.       Cut to size and adhere to centre panel with matte medium.

5.       Cut the other two panels to size and adhere them also.
I like to use a piece of sandpaper around the edges to make everything smooth and neat.

 Your triptych should be able to stand alone.

 6.       Stamp one bird on each panel using the Versamark stamp pad, add white embossing powder to outer birds and navy to the centre bird and heat set.


 7.       Drop Izink colours onto the birds and move the colours around with a dry brush to create a thick, glossy. texture

 8.       Add some mini brads to the eyes.

 9.       Use a white Sharpie to add some outlines and some dots on the birds’ breasts and on the centre bird’s beak.

10.   And now to add some words…
Stamp the text on watercolour paper using a black stamp pad. Cut out the words and arrange them. Then adhere them with matte medium.

 11.   A little extra white Sharpie here and there……

And we are nearly done!
Add a little white heart embellishment to the centre bird…

I covered the back of my triptych with coordinating scrapbook paper.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
See you next time,

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