Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Truest Wisdom Journal Page

Hello everyone!

Lynne here. I am back with a journal page spread for you to try. Naomi and I haven't chatted in a while so we didn't know we were using the same stamp set for our October projects. I guess it shows how much we both love the Sara Naumann stamp sets. They are so versatile and adaptable.

I have also used some of the new Jofy Paper Artsy Fresco paints and a stencil by Crafter's Workshop, which has just become my favourite!

Pattern Strips by Crafter's Workshop

I'm working a small journal with loose pages. It's loose because it fell apart!  I will bind together when all the pages are finished. Each page measures 20cm x 14cm.

Anyway, start by applying gesso lightly to the two journal pages that will become your spread. 

On an extra piece of journal paper, paint some swatches with Cherry Red, Chalk and Claret. Yes, Claret not Plum that is in the set. I think Claret works better for this project.

Stamp the hearts from Paper Artsy ESN11 with Versa fine Onyx Black on each of the painted backgrounds.

...and fussy cut the small hearts. Set aside for later.

Back to the journal pages.With a brush apply Slate, Turquoise and Mermaid in the places shown. Work quickly and use a baby wipe to blend the colours into each other.

Spray lightly with water and leave for a minute before wiping the water away gently with a clean baby wipe. You should have lighter speckled areas where the water was sitting.

Now for some more fun! Stamping, I used the text from Paper Artsy ESN12 stamp set and the grungy 'whatever-it-is' at the bottom of the Paper Artsy ESN11 stamp set with Archival ink Carnation Red and Versafine Oynx Black as shown here.

More stamping...the bricks from Paper Artsy ESN12 and Black Oynx 

And my new favourite stencil! For the red on the left hand page I used the plain strip stencilled with Paper Artsy Fresco Cherry Red and also for the white with dots, I used the plain strip stenciled with Paper Artsy Fresco Chalk and the dot strip with Cherry Red.

In the photo below you can see on the left hand page I went over the red strip with Chalk stenciled through another design from the stencil.

Next came the hearts adhered in place with gel medium and a few red stamped texts...at first sight...from ESN12

Now for a few Cherry Red watered down splatters and a few Chalk ones for good measure.

On a small piece of journal paper paint a strip of Mermaid and when dry, stamp the quote from ESN11 in Carnation Red. Ruler tear around the words and paste in place.

I used the stamp text phrase 'My Heart.' from ESN11 with Onyx Black but it didn't show up as much as I would have liked......

......so, I stamped it on white journal paper and ruler tore it out and placed it with glue medium over the top. Much better.

Finish off by softening around the hearts and texts with a black charcoal pencil. I hope you try this project or at least one of the techniques. These stamp sets work so well together and can be used for many projects. Enjoy!

Thanks Lynne

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