Friday, 6 June 2014

New Goodies, New Workshops .....

Woo Hoo - it's Friday

Just ....

I'm up late (or early, depending on which way you look at it) - as always, things are a bit crazy in our household !

We've spent the last week organising the shipping of our old NZ life over to Aus - we are going to be reunited with stuff we haven't seen in 12 years ! It'll be a bit like Christmas I reckon !! Can't wait for it all to arrive.

Angus has been there for the last week and I am off later today (well, midnight actually) for the weekend to tie up the loose ends and catch up with family and friends. It'll be a busy weekend that's for sure.

While all that has been going on, Olivia has been beavering away ordering in new stock and we have some awesome new stuff coming in almost on a daily basis at the moment.

I'm just looking at some of it now .....

 More yummy stencils - such a must have for us all - can't get enough of them .....

and some other interesting bits and pieces as well with more coming in tomorrow !! Lovely, lovely. Can't wait to get back from my little trip and have a go with some of it.

And we have some exciting news coming in the next week ... just a hint .. it starts with G - and that's all I'm going to say about that. But if someone wants to email us at with their guess on the magic word, there just might be a prize or two for the right answers !!!

It's the Sunday group of Art Journaling Basics next weekend so I'll be making sure they get to play with some of the new goodies. Check out our website for the details !!

And speaking of  ART JOURNAL BASICS ...............

We've  organised another Art Journal Basics Course which will run on Saturdays commencing in July. Check out the website for more details. We have a waiting list for the Saturday classes, so be in quick if you are interested.

This is very much an introductory course for those who have yet to start their Art Journal Journey and you will learn lots of techniques using various products. We cover off the theory of Colour, Creating layers using various mediums and tools, Collage, Doodling, Faces and much more. So .. come and give it a go. The class maximum is 8 - we find smaller groups benefit from the extra attention from the tutor. Our current participants in our Sunday group are having a great time and loving every minute of it. Here's some of the feedback:

' It's wonderful - I go home with my head buzzing' - Danni

'Really good, love it. Can't wait for the next class' - Irene

'Thank you for the class on Sunday. Both myself & Julie really enjoyed it' - Bri

The Basics course gives you the tools, skills and experience to prepare you for moving on to more advanced workshops in the future. If you've thought you wanted to try Art Journaling, give it a go ... you won't look back !!

And that's all from me for now

Have a great long weekend everyone, catch you next week.....


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