Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Class with Leandra - Part 2

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Me again, with the second part of the class with Leandra - sorry it''s taken me a few days to get back to this - needed to track down a photo ! Long story ..

So, after everyone had completed their background peices using both brayers and cut n dry foam with lots of paint etc, we moved to working on our 'Finnabair inspired' peices which we had started at the beginning of the class.

By this time, they were completely dry and ready for the first coats of paint. One peice had a coat of Nougat while the other piece had a coat of a dark Opaque colour (or colours). Try mixing Claret and French Roast together - they create the most gorgeous deep mahoganay colour which reminds me of the inside of a beautiful and expensive chocolate. Our boards had to have a couple of coats of paint to make sure all the white bits were coloured up.

Then came the fun part ... finishing them off! These photos are Jennifer's large board which she had prepped the night before. Leandra finished it off, colouring the metal heart with a translucent paint and highlighting the various embellishments with another paint to provide awesome contrast to the background of the claret and french roast base coat. And last but not least, Treasure Gold for highlights.

Aren't those large resin roses just gorgeous ! We are on the case to track some down !! You will recognise a lot of what is on here as we stock it at Crafters Cupboard in our embellishment section on the website.

Leandra then demo'd a great colouring technique with her large board that she had prepped the night before with Nougat. She sprayed water in areas to be highlighted, the dabbed French Roast in with a paintbrush and used a baby wipe to dab off the excess paint. This gave a great grungy feel to the canvas board piece and this technique can be used with anything to get the look. Remember the Fresco paints are able to be used indoors and outdoors, being UV resistant and permanent so you could use the paints and this technique to decorate anything, be it for indoors or outside.

Here is a pic of Jennifer's little board using this technique

And here is Leandra's small board using dark opaque colours with highlights, including Treasure Gold to finish off (sorry can't remember the exact colours that she used). You can see the impact of the Treasure Gold over the paint on the various embellishments - looks awesome

And here is Leandra's finished large board. What a great colour scheme !

Next time we'll cover off the demos which were held in the afternoon

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